Prophet Isaiah Wealth & The Seraph

Prophet Isaiah Wealth and the Seraphs is a musical group commissioned to restore the fire of praise and worship in the spirit of Jesus to the Body of Christ. The group which was formed by Prophet Isaiah wealth in 2012 consists of seasoned worshippers and minstrels who have dedicated their lives to bringing heaven on earth through their music.

Over the years, the musical group has evolved a distinctive singing style characterized by compelling and soul-touching melodies across diverse music genres.

The group has released 7 albums which contain over 50 tracks that are in high demand in eight countries across four continents.

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Songs From a Lover Dr. Isaiah Wealth & The Seraphs

I Wanna Praise You
Dr. Isaiah Wealth & The Seraphs

Welcome Holy Spirit
Dr. Isaiah Wealth & The Seraphs

New Glory Album
Dr. Isaiah Wealth & The Seraphs

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